Tamasi open fund & cultural exchange

Beside the implementation by the eleven Tamasi partners, other activities in collaboration with local groups and artists have been supported by the Tamasi programme's open fund.

Open fund

Syria - theatre productions

In collaboration with Dr Marie Elias:

  • Al mekhala wal merwad by Adnan Odeh, directed by Omar Abo Saada (2009): in collaboration with Dar al Assad for Culture & Arts.
  • The Last Tape, based on texts of Samuel Becket and Heiner Müller, adaptation and direction Ossama Ghanam (2009): in collaboration with High Institute of Drama and Dar al Assad for Culture & Arts.
  • A woman alone by Dario Fo and Franca Rame, adapted and directed by Amal Omran (2010); co-produced by Dar al Assad for Culture & Arts.
  • Zoo story by Edward Albee. Adaptation Abdullah Alkafri, Wael Qadour. Director: Ra’afat az-Zakout (2010); co-produced by Dar al Assad for Culture & Arts and Al Mawred Al Thaqafy/Production Awards program.
  • Love without Wings, by Huda Alkhateeb (2010).

Syria, Lebanon – training

In collaboration with Arab Theatre Training Center: training of young actors and children by the organisation Teatro in Damascus and training of deaf young people by director Issam Boukhaled, Lebanon (2008, cont. 2009); workshop in Latakia on “mobile theatre” (2010); workshop in dramaturgy, Damascus Theatre Lab (2010/2011); actor training by Naji Souraty, Beirut (2010/2011).

Morocco - workshop

Arab Theatre Training Center: workshop in Shadow Theatre, High Institute for Theatre & Cultural Animation (Rabat 2009); dance workshop by choreographer and dancer Khaled Benghrib (Casablanca 2011).

Egypt – training, productions, performances

  • Medhat Fawzi Center for the stick arts, Mallawy, Upper Egypt: training of young boys in stick dancing, singing and music; performing and touring (2008-2010).
  • Faces group, Alexandria: Cafiteria by Mohamed Fouad (2008, touring 2008 and 2009). House of Wax by Nadet Adel (2008). Moments of a silent position by Mohamed Fouad (2009).
  • Waiting point by Nadet Adel (2010).
  • Haky Masateb Troup, Cairo: The Monkey is gone, based upon the story Copper City, adaptation and direction Ramadan Khater (2008).
  • 100 copies electronic music festival, Cairo (2009, 2010, 2011).
  • Revolution performances in Tahrir Square and in places outside Cairo.


Hakaya Storytelling Festival (2009).

Cultural exchange

  • Vertical Exile, community project in refugee camps in the West bank with Anders Paulin, director and Sara Gebran, dancer and choreographer as two of the artistic leaders of the project, produced by Sirreyet Dance Festival, Palestine and Public Eye, Denmark.
  • CD Shams by Jordanian singer Sahar Khalife in cooperation with musicians from Jordan and Backa Teater (part of Gothenburg City Theatre), Sweden (2009).
  • Guest performances with workshops on children theatre in Damascus Arab Capital of Culture (2008) and tour in Egypt (Creative Forum 2009, Cairo, Minya) of the children play
  • ThePenguin by Charlie Åström, produced by Angereds Teater in collaboration with Studio Oscuro, Sweden.
  • Preparatory production workshop in Alexandria (Project SELF) in collaboration with Teater Foratt, Malmö, Sweden (2010).
  • Training with Swedish experts in for example Creative Forum in Alexandria, Higher Institute of Drama in Damascus, in Gaza; trainers from Dramatiska institutet, Teaterhögskolan in Stockholm and Luleå, Backa Teater, Angereds Teater and freelancers - in mask, voice, movement in theatre, children theatre, training of theatre activators, street dance, dramaturgy, audience building and video animation (2008, 2009, 2010).
  • Travel grants to artists or trainers from the MENA region for exchange and participation in educational programmes, events and festivals (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011).
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