Vision and overarching objectives

The Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts provides development and training in narrative and portrayal for stage, screen and media. Its activities include all key components of the artistic process, maintaining a cutting-edge position to provide inspiration and motivation for professional, artistic and educational development. The Academy’s assignment is to contribute to quality and renewal in stage, screen and media arts.

Overarching objectives

Sustainable artistry – SADA shall support student’s capacity to observe themselves and their work in context and to understand the personal meaning of sustainable artistry. For this reason the Academy emphasises:

  • Integrity – SADA shall equip students to function well in their future professional roles while maintaining their integrity.
  • Flexible professional know-how – Students shall acquire flexible and well-grounded professional know-how based on extensive practical and theoretical skills and supporting their capacity to assume responsibility for an artistic process from concept to audience.
  • Responsibility – SADA shall contribute to an awareness of effect and responsibility, as well as to a well-founded ethical stance. This should be achieved through an interest in the development of the professional area and with a critical perspective on the external community with regard to power structures and social norms.
  • Critical reflection – The Academy’s research shall introduce an element of free, critical reflection at all levels within the work of the Academy, thereby contributing to the development of both the art and professional practices.

A living educational environment – SADA is to provide a living educational environment that stimulates students, teachers and researchers to meet and cross the boundaries of each other’s professional roles and art forms. This entails, among other things:

  • Freedom within a given framework – The Academy shall represent a base where students are afforded freedom of choice within a given framework and where opportunities exist to create strong artistic constellations even during their sojourn at the Academy thereby strengthening their opportunities for future development and earning.
  • Educational skill – The Academy’s teachers shall be skilled educationalists with in-depth knowledge and a capacity to take a holistic view. The Academy shall conduct pedagogical development work.
  • Openness – The Academy’s assignment as a school of higher education means that SADA shall be clear, open and welcoming. SADA shall maintain strong, active contacts with stakeholders and nurture its integrity in all regards.

Sustainable development – SADA is being established at a historical point in time where the dominant challenge for all social development involves dismantling unsustainable development and replacing it with a sustainable one. The implications of this adhere to no given model and the artistic expression is expected to have a bearing on what is possible. All of the Academy’s undertakings shall involve an analytical sustainability perspective.

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