Narrative Animated Film

The programme is aimed at students who are interested in making animated films. They will work with visualisation, concept development, storytelling and various animation methods. We view animators as individuals who develop, pursue and realise their projects based on a practical, historical and philosophical understanding of animation. Animation allows us to perceive other worlds and how they might be expressed and represented. In collaboration with other bachelor programmes, students will be have the opportunity to explore different professional roles in the film industry, in preparation of working as a director, animator or screenwriter.

How to apply to Narrative Animated Film

Number of students: 8

Our bachelor degree programmes are open for admissions every two years.

Working with animated film

Animation began with experiments in lighting and image and acted as a bridge between a society of printed text and a society characterised by camera images. To this day, animation continues to redefine the appearance of moving pictures and how they can be distributed. Digital technology has simplified the process and made it possible to achieve personal, creative independence in large productions, which has paved the way for a multitude of expressions. Animated film is a growing industry that needs more people who can work as animators, screenwriters, illustrators of image scripts or puppet makers. The university’s many specialisations in film, media, theatre and acting make it possible to explore the numerous professional roles of the animator in collaborations and production exercises.


The programme alternates between theory and practice and concentrates on artistic development, technology and cooperation, which are all equally necessary in the creation of animated films.

During Year 1 we will work to develop ideas in animation workshops, where we will also study animation history, theory and philosophy. Transforming ideas into scripts and working practically in an animation studio, testing different professional roles, will also be included.

During Year 2 the focus will be on work experience and learning more about the film industry. We will also concentrate on developing characters and our own personal story.

During Year 3 each student will make a film and start to find their way into the industry.

The work will encompass both digital and analog technologies and include for example courses in software and theory and workshops in everything from clay, puppet armatures, drawing, scriptwriting, directing, dramaturgy, lighting design and sound. We will create projects freely and carry out thematic workshops in which we relate to given parameters in artistic expressions. Lectures will be offered in dramaturgy, film history, editing, documentary storytelling and sound engineering. We will work jointly with the bachelor programme for television and film in production exercises, and there will be active contact with acting and mime students, as well as a dialog with the programmes for scenography, costume design, mask and wig design, and lighting design.

You will have ongoing contact with the film, television and media industries. Professionals will be invited in as guest instructors, lecturers and supervisors. Through your internship period, you will have the chance to test different professional roles in the production of animated film. 

Useful prior knowledge

The most important aspects of being an animation student are an enthusiasm for storytelling, patience and the ability to cooperate. A strong desire to tell a narrative through moving images and a passion for animation are also advantageous.

Practical experience from the film, game or media industries is good to have, but not a requirement. Applicants who have attended preparatory art school, cartoon courses, creative writing courses or the like will be given preference.

Language of instruction


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Narrative Animated Film

Bachelor programme, 180 Credits
6 terms of full-time study

Starts: Autumn term 2016

Application: 2 November 2015 - 11 January 2016

More about the education

Animated film is a three-year bachelor´s degree included in the program Concept and Project development for stage, film and media.

Programme appendix



Lina Persson

Senior Lecturer of Animated Film

Lina Persson is a visual artist working with animation and moving images. She has a special interest in science, mythology, ecology, and power rhetorics. She exhibits her works as video installations in galleries both in Sweden and abroad. She has been awarded the Arts Grants Committee's working grant, IASPIS studio scholarship and Västra Götaland Ateljé Scholarship in China. She has previously taught at the Academy of fine art in Oslo and the Photography programme at Valand Academy.


Nils Claesson

PhD Student

Nils Claesson is a doctoral student specializing in fiction. He has a background in media and began working with animated film in 1992. He has produced radio documentaries, films, TV programs, radio shows, video works, interactive work and photo installations. He also wrote the book Blåbärsmaskinen (The Blueberry machine) 2009.